The debut album from Stillhead

29 / 01 / 2016

Stillhead - Iceberg

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01 Stillhead - Sunset Over Estonia
02 Stillhead - Knife Edge
03 Stillhead - Maybe We Ain’t Dead (feat. Mu Vonz)
04 Stillhead - Breathe Me Out
05 Stillhead - Uncertain Dub
06 Stillhead - You Can See (feat. Triinu Taul)
07 Stillhead - Interlude 01
08 Stillhead - Don’t Think At All
09 Stillhead - To Be Continued (feat. Mu Vonz)
10 Stillhead - Vast Expanse
11 Stillhead - Pounds Of Gold (feat. Zoe Ellying)
12 Stillhead - Winter People

Release: 29th January 2016
Format: 12" Vinyl & digital
Label: Here And Now Recordings

Pounds Of Gold (feat. Zoe Ellying) Released: 11th December.

Pounds Of Gold Video
Director of Photography: Tim Prebble & Mart Vares
Editor: Alex Cowles
Hair & Makeup: Nele Pandis
Additional Thanks: Laura Vaher, Sandra Palm & Egotripp Studio.


Iceberg is the 12-track deep, dub-influenced, cinematic début album from Stillhead.

After 4 albums, 20 EPs, countless remixes and appearances on high-profile compilations such as Nick Warren's Renaissance Masters series under his DFRNT alias, Edinburgh-born, Riga-resident Alex Cowles has returned with a new alias and a fresh approach.

His first album as Stillhead is set for release on Here And Now Recordings in January.

Alex cites a heavily Nordic influence within his Stillhead work. From Danish electronic acts like Lulu Rouge, Trentemoller and Mike Sheridan to the Icelandic Tonik Ensemble and Kura.

As well as Nordic producers, Alex brings an album that combines elements from many other areas.

The Autonomic style drum & bass that unites producers such as Synkro and Hatti Vatti, the dub-techno influenced bass beats that British producer Versa or German producers Adam Kroll and Deadbeat are known for or the more experimental end of the electronic sound supported by the likes of Rival Consoles, Tipper or Rob Clouth.

Whatever the inspiration, Stillhead brings us 12 tracks that span the spectrum of electronic music from ambient numbers, through dubby down-tempo trip hop tracks, to glitched-out minimal drum & bass and beyond.

As well as his own production (and voice), Alex has enlisted the vocal talents of Estonians Triinu Taul and Zoe Ellying and the woozy lyrical genius of Chicago-based experimental rapper and producer Mu Vonz.

Stillhead - Pounds Of Gold (feat. Zoe Ellying)

The album single. Out now!



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